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Brain Disorders

Epilepsy Foundation of America

Alzheimer's Disease Review

Brain Disorders Network / Index

Autism Resources

Mental Health Net - PsychJournalSearch

Mental Health Net

Internet Mental Health Resources Alzheimer’s disease

Psychology and immunology together Psychoneuroimmunology Links

Psychoneuroimmunology Research

PsychoNeuroImmunology Research Society - organization for researchers in a number of scientific and medical disciplines who are interested in interactions between the nervous and immune systems, and the relationship between behavior and health.

Pyschoneuroimmunology Research at the Institute of Psychology - located at Aurhus University.

Simonton Cancer Center - offering psychoneuroimmunology, books and mind-body cancer treatment.

Wellness Support Programme - cancer support, psychoneuroimmunology using mind-body control to cure your disease.

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General Brain sites


·         Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum - A huge mass of fibers interconnect the two hemispheres of the human brain. Called the corpus callosum, the structure is missing in some persons. This site contains abstracts of hundreds of articles written on the subject in the 1990's.

·         AquaThought Foundation - privately funded research organization exploring human-dolphin interaction and the neurological impact of contact.

·         BMV: Behavioral Model of Visual Perception and Recognition

·         BrainMap - provides access to a database of brain functional information derived from human brain mapping research.

·         ChemoReception Web: Neurobiology, Psychophysics, and Behavior - neurobiology, psychophysics, and behavior. Exploring how tastes, smells, and pheromones are received, perceived, and then translated into responses and actions.

·         Cortical Neuron-Astrocyte Interaction - suggest that astrocytes are important to brain functions.

·         Global Spinal Cord - the Web edition of the neuroanatomy coursebook used by first-year medical students at the University of Wisconsin Medical School.

·         Human Brain Project - includes databases of, and querying tools for, the full range of information about the brain and behavior, as well as technologies for such information to be managed, integrated, and shared over networks.

·         Layman's View of Brain Functions - information on brain chemistry.

·         Lymbic Psychoses - A unique article about Lymbic Psychoses and a fragment of the work that Dr. Luis Pando has published in his latest book.

·         MGH Neurology - Neurology Web-Forum - start an interactive, online discussion about various Neurology-related topics.

·         Microiontophoresis - practical guide to the technique of microiontophoresis employed in neuroscience research.

·         Model of the Baroreceptor Vagal Reflex

·         Modeling Interacting Populations of Biological Neurons

·         Modeling of Orientation Selectivity in the Visual Cortex

·         Modeling the Respiratory Rhythmogenesis

·         Motorik und Konnektionismus - human motor control and motor learning modelled with artificial neural networks (in German).

·         MRI of Hippocampus in Incipient Alzheimer's Disease - thesis by Mikko Laakso.

·         Musclenet - provides information on clinical, diagnostic criteria and epidemiology of inherited neuromuscular disorders as well as on current research.

·         Neurologist Online - adult neurology: migraine headache, stroke, seizures, parkinsonism, back pain, managed care, consultation, brain, spinal cord, nerves. Aids for patients and doctors.

·         NeuroNet [] - online resource targeted at neurologists, currently covering dementia, stroke, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. Registration required.

·         NeuroNet [] - a database offering clinical case consultation, access to electronic journals, image database, and more.

·         Neurons and their Growth Cones - study of developing and regenerating nerve cells. Timelapse movies of axons growing in the developing retina are provided.

· - clinical MRI of the brain atlas, Center for Minimally Invasive Therapy, including new treatments for advanced head and neck cancer.

·         Neuroscience Tutorial - designed for medical students but suitable for the general public as well. Created by the Washington University School of Medicine.

·         Neurosciences Internet Resource Guide

·         Neurotrophin - electronic journal for neurobiologists engaged in research in the area of neurotrophic factors.

·         Olfaction - explores in detail the current status of our understanding of olfaction (smell) and the possible molecular interactions that specify odorant signaling.

·         Paleoneurology - the study of brain endocasts of extinct vertebrates. An endocast is a casting for which the cranial cavity serves as a mold.

·         Patch Clamp Resources - technical information on single channel recording. Includes information on methods, data analysis, and troubleshooting.

·         PDGF Page

·         Pediatric Epilepsy - causes, general guidelines for treatment, clinical modules/case studies and links.

·         Plasticity, Unity, and Energy - dedicated to realizing and explaining the human potential.

·         Purkinje Park - support the sharing of information between users of the GENESIS neural simulator, and topics of general interest to the Computational Neuroscience community:

·         Scientific American: Debunking the Digital Brain - individual neurons contribute to the brain's unmatched complexity.

·         Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World - articles and illustrations present new information about our senses and how they work.

·         Short History of the Lobotomy - history of the psychosurgical procedure that became known as the 'Ice Pick Lobotomy' and its obsessive pioneer, Dr. Walter Freeman.

·         ShuffleBrain - popular science articles on the question: how does the brain store the mind?

·         USC Neurosurgical Information Resource - user-directed interactive databank dedicated to improving access to the best neurosurgical care for the international patient and physician community

·         Interspecies Research & Development - dedicated to the study of dolphin human interaction effects and therapeutic application of such interactions.

·         Lumbar Epidural Addition to Percutaneous Discectomy Outcomes Group - randomized clinical trial assessing percutaneous discectomy as an alternative to conventional discectomy as the first surgical procedure in patients with lumbar disc herniation.

·         Myelin Project - working to accelerate research on repairing the myelin of the central nervous system.

·         Neurolab@

·         Neurology and Neurosciences Links

·         Neurology Web-Forum [Mass. General Hospital] - an interactive, online discussion about various Neurology-related topics.

·         Neuroscience for Kids - created for elementary and secondary school students and teachers who would like to learn more about the nervous system. Enjoy the activities and experiments.

·         Sacks, Oliver - official site of the neurologist-writer. Contact information, news, and links.

·         USC Brain Project - overall goal is to catalyze the integrated development of experiment and modeling in the neuroscience community.

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Learning and Memory links

·         Blending and Conceptual Integration

·         Cognition as Compression - describes the idea that a primary function of perception, learning and thinking is compression of information.

·         Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive - CogPrints collects papers in areas of psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science, philosophy, and biology pertinent to the study of cognition.

·         COGSCI: Cognitive Science Discussion List - archives, subscription information, guidelines, and links to various related mailing lists.

·         Connexions - an interactive site and discussion list for philosophers and cognitive scientists excited and puzzled by the mind.

·         Consciousness and Neuroscience - written by Francis Crick and Christof Koch.

·         David Chalmers' Consciousness Page - foundational issues in cognitive science, consciousness, mental content, artificial intelligence, and more.

·         Force, Information, and Cognitive Principles of Dynamic Representations - by Kai X. Miao. Basic cognitive principles of how the human mind conceives of mechanical information.

·         Human Cognition in the Human Brain - presents a model of the way human cognition is implemented in the brain, and a discussion of current problems in cognitive psychology. Strong emphasis on neurobiological realistic view.


·         Memory - from the Exploratorium. Explores the biological, psychological, and cultural aspects of memory, from personal experiences to breakthroughs in cognitive science.

·         MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Sciences (MITECS) - comprehensive reference work that represents the methodological and theoretical diversity of the cognitive sciences.

·         The Brain: The Frontier Within - information about the mind, including research briefs, mental tools, and more.

·         University of Alberta Cognitive Science Dictionary

·         University of Helsinki, Finland@

·         Usenet - sci.cognitive


Mental Health All major brain disorders disscussed

 Guide to Dual Diagnosis: Mental Health and Addiction

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Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator

Health Insurance and Mental Health Services

Medicare Plans by State


Stress information Stress can be good


Stress management Panic/Anxiety Disorders  


Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Homepage

Alt-MEDMarket's Alternative Healthcare Index

New Age Alternative Health Care

Yahoo's Alternative Medicine Page

Dr. Bower's Complementary Medicine Home Page



Hypnosis, Meditation, and Cancer

Cancer - Treatment and Prevention using Biological Medicines

Center for Empirical Medicine  General Information about Cancer



Immune System

Self-Healing and The Immune System

Spiritual Consciousness on WWW - Healing Methods

Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional?


Skin Disorders Information on Common Skin Diseases


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