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STRESS  the positive aspects

Lo Stress e vitale

4 part course organised by AAS in collaboration with the 

Commune di Pomezia.

Articles on Stress / Articoli sul Stress

AAS and Commune di Pomezia will hold a series of seminars on Stress.

Lo Stress e vitale

1.      Che cose e lo stress? Neurobiologia dei diversi tipi di stress.

2.      La biologia dello stress. La ricerca in questa settore.

3.      Sintomi e conseguenza dello stress.

4.      Come riconoscere lo stress ed utilizzarlo per migliorare la qualita della vita.

There is a strong Mind-Body interaction which is involved in various disease processes.
Stress makes the body more vulnerable to some physical illnesses; immune responses can contribute to depression,  fatigue and autoimmune diseases e.g. allergy, diabetes,  arthritis. Even though the brain and the immune system differ in their functions and organization, they are interlinked at a subtle biochemical level. Thus one can alter the pathogenesis of various diseases by ensuring a health mind-body relationship. 

Details of the stress course will be put here soon, see also medical resources here

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