Our beloved resting in United Kingdom


Khalil-s father, and Rubys father in law passed away at 92yrs in Blackburn 3 Jan 2021.

Rossibai Adam  from Blackburn hase passed 20 Dec 2020.   She was the daughter of Late Suleman Talab Bhegani of Mukoko Uganda Son Ashraf and duaghters...

Sugrabai Abdul Sakoor Brepotra passed away in Blackburn after falling and hospital on 1 Dec 2020  Picture

Haji Hassan Arab Virmani (Ramjubhai) London 2020 passed 1.30 a.m.7 Sept 2020. He was in general good health for his age was xx94 yrs.  Picture

Haji Dawood passed away 23 May 2020 after  illness,  Picture

Abdul Hamid Musani passed away 22 May 2020  Picture

Jaffer teacher from Main Street Primary School Jinja living in London passed away 26 March 2020  Picture

Husein Abdulla Umar Virmani (Hussien Dada)  passed away in London 18 Dec 2019 just after midnight.  He was born in Masaka,Uganda 6 June 1931 Picture

Ebrahim Mohamed passed away in Balham xxx Nov 2019. Picture

Haji Mohamed Husain Suleman Ismail passed away 26 Nov 2019  Picture

Haji Adam Suleman passed  away unexpectedly on 8 Oct 2019 in Southall. Picture

Shanmohmed Virmani passed away in the morning in Ellesmere Port on 5 October 2019  Picture

Salemohmed Valimomohmed passed away Saturday in Balham 7 August 2019  Picture

Asif son of Isak Suleman Kara living in Manchester passed away suddenly whilst on holiday in Turkey of heart operationon 11 May 2017  Picture

Hajubai or Hajarabai Mustafan wife, Sabirs mum passed away in Preston16 Jan 2017 after illness Picture

Isak Suleman Kara living in Manchester passed 27 Jan 2015  Picture

Hanif Mussani of Greenford Fri, Jan 3, 2014  Picture

Fatmabai Mussani of Greenford  Picture

Walimohmed guildford Picture

Abdul Hussein - mokoko  Picture

Satar Virmani son of Ahmed Juma and married to Marinusa in Lukaya and daughter Havabai Picture

Mamy Lalemohmed wife of Esmailbhai from Mokoko settled in hyde  Picture

Aminabai Virmani wife of Gianmohamed from Mokoko settled in Blackburn, UK Photo

Rahimabai (Bachhi Bai) Osman Ismail wife of Late Osman Ismail Passed Away in Leicester UK 14/4/2014 . Her Children: Nigar, Liaqat, Salma, Musarrat, Nahida

Sakinabai Hassan Khanani passed away 2/3/2014 in London, England. Her children Abdul Hamid, Abdul Karim, Akbar and Aslam.

Khatibai Husein Adam passed away today in London, England. 30/6/2013 She was mother of Mohamed Rafik, Khurshid, Amin, Najeeb, Fatma, Alimohamed, she was sister of Jenubai, Mehroon, Nasir and Abdul.and many nieces, nephews, grand children and great grand children

Abdul Majid Mohamed Ahmed "Babu" passed away in London, England. 5/4/2013 His wife Salma, children, Brother Adam, Sisters Amina, Jena, Kulsum Family.

Sherbanu Salemohamed Ahmed Khanani passed away today in London, England after a long illness. 27/8/2012  Her children : Mumtaz, Nasim and son Maksood and grandchildren and Many Nephews and Nieces. She was a Loving person, kind to all. The Cementry Address is Lamberth Commentary Lakeshore Road, Tooting

Mrs Havabai (Mammy) wife of Mr Noormohmed Arab - Gulamali's Mum passed away 04/04/2008 18:05:55  at 11.30 am today Funeral tomorrow at 1 Pm Ealing Mosque

Mrs. Aisabai Yusuf Ismail passed away on 10 May 2004 (Asi Masi as we knew her), Innal Lillahi Wa Innal Lillahi Rajioon. (she was the widow of Late Yusuf Ismail (Jusab Mohr as we all knew him)). She lived in London with her 2 sons and their families since the passing of her husband. She passed away in Dhrab Kutch India. She was getting medical treatment at a rehab facility in Kutch - a lot of our family and friends have been going there lately for alternative medicine treatment. Please pray to Allah to accept for her in Janna and forgive her and pray for family to have Sabr and also pray for all of us who will go there when Allah calls us. Her family in Houston - sister Sharubai Sachoo is with her  daughters Kubra and Zebun :Phone and Niece Ashma Moosa.

Mrs. Sharifabai Ebrahim Jaffer, 7 Feb 2004 Innal Lillahi Wa Innal Lillahi Rajioon. She was the wife of Haji Ebrahim Jaffermiya of Blackburn England. In Uganda they lived in Luwero, Iganga and Jinja. She suffered a stroke a week ago and had been in a coma. Her funeral will be Insha Allah in Blackburn on Sunday afternoon. Please pray for Allah to forgive her and please pray for her family and pray for ourselves. Her oldest son Abdul Ghani of Hounslow (Air Canada), Daughter Khati, Sons Amin, Jaffer and others xx.

Mr.Yusuf Hussain Ismail (also known Jusab Mohr) passed away in London on the afternoon of 16 July 2003. Innal Lillahi Wa Innal Lillahi Rajiun. He was the husband of Asibai and father to Sikander and Papu. He used to be motor mechanic in Uganda and recently visited Houston.  About Jusab: He was such a jolly guy and he will be missed by many. His cousin Osman died about 7 weeks ago and he felt very bad and had been down since then.

Mr. Osman Ismail, also known as "Osman Mughal", passed away 21 May 2003  in Leicester England. He was husband of Bhachibai, father of Nigar and Liaqat. He was sick for a long time. Please pray for him, his family and for all those who have gone before us and also pray for ourselves who will go one day. 

Noormohamed Yakub Ahmed. Son of Zulekhabai and Late Yakub Ahmed. He passed away in London 9th April 2003 of a heart attack. He was in his 40's. A lot younger than most of us. He was the brother of Karima, Hasina (Amin), Adha, Amina, Saira and Mustafa and Agu (yusuf) and Mohamed Tayab.

Haji Rahemtulla Mussani  passed away Saturday 28 Dec 2002 at home in Southall, London. He was from Mokoko in Uganda. He was born in 1927 and now rests in the Southall Cemetery. He was the father of Rahim (also known as Musa bawa) and brother to Dr. Abdul Kader, Abdula Hamid, Aminabai and Sakinabai. According to the news we got, he died while praying his Assr prayers, he went into sijjda and did not get up..what a way to go..wish we all can be this lucky. His son Rahim Musa and family continue his active role in the community and schools.

Mrs. Sarabai Valimohamed Bhegani in London. Died on Wednesday September 19, 2001. She was the wife of Late Valimohamed  Salehmohamed Bhegani. Originally from Mukoko, Uganda and mother of Dilshad Aziz Lalmohamed of Carlisle, PA and Faruq Bhegani of London and other brothers and sisters. 

Mr Ayub Turuk form Blackburn passed away following the unexpected death of his son, -----. He was not well with heart problems. His eldest son, Majid came from Carlisle, PA to the funeral. Ayubai was a decent man, very religous and avoided unecessary rumours and arguments. He was a sociable man going around town talking to the people of the community and always went to the mosque in Blackburn. He used to collect old clothes, put them in parcels and send to the poor people of the communities in India. 

Haji Yusuf Mohamed Rahemtulla of the famous Rahemtulla Bus Company, that operated all over Uganda passed away in Balham, London, England after a long illness. He was a in his 90's, a very generous person and he financially helped a lot of our people in Uganda and in Kutchh India. He helped them again with accomodations when they first came to England in 1972 from Uganda. He is survived by his daughters, Mariambai, Fatma and Hamida and son Rahemtulla and 7 grandchildren all in London England.

Cathu Dadi sister of Hanifabai (Dadi), passed away in Blackburn, January 14, 2000. She passed away after a long illness which gradually weakened her. At the end she suffered another heart attack, I believe on Thursday and lost her speech was in critical condition in hospital.  She was married to Suleman Kara. Photo

Mrs Naminabai Virmani daughter of Shammohmed and xxx passed away at Ealing hospital on the night of xxx. The close family members with her at the time. She is buried in the Ealing Cemetary. Photo

Gulbanubai, Reshma's mum, wife of Pirmomed Brepotra's wife from Lusango Uganda Photo

Mr Abdul Dawood of Balfour Rd, Southall passed away at Ealing hospital on ---- following a short illness of the cardiovascular system. He left behind a wife, Kulsum, and three children, Mohamed, Ruby, and Sanu. He was born in ---- Kenya and grew up as a child playing on the beaches of Mombasa. He than moved to Uganda where he married in Lukaya. On being expelled in 1972 he and his wife were stateless and travelled to Italy with the UN. There they were housed in camps near Napoli. They met and talked with the Pope and had their picture taken -----. He was a welder by trade and worked many years in Southall until being made redundant. He is buried in the Feltham cemetary. Photo

Mr (Haji) Kassam Osman Virmani living in Southall. He was a shopkeeper in Lukaya. He had a son called Iqbal and daughters--. He was a successful businessman in Uganda but had trouble adjusting to life in UK despite the large Asian community in Southall. Photo

Mr Valimohamed Salehmohamed Bhegani. Originally from Mukoko, Uganda.

Wallibai settled in Bolton UK after exodus in1972, He is holding daighter Batul in his hands. Photo

Mr. Chhaganbhai Dattani passed away in Leicester on 20.05.1996. He lived in Masaka and since 1964 in Jinja in Uganda. He was very kind and gentle and had so many friends here in UK and in Uganda. His older brother Mr. Chhotalal Dattani too passed away recently in Leicester. He was the elder of our family in UK.

Mr Noormohmed Arab Virmani passed away in Ealing,London following a long illness. Photo

Mr Suleman Kara moved to Uganda from India and in 1972 left for UK. He than settled in Blackburn where he passed away in 19xx. He was married to Cathu dadi. Photo


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