Our beloved resting in United States of America


AkbarVirmani son of Mohmed Virmani of Lukaya, passed away unexpectedly of heartattack in Chicago on 2 Dec 2020. he was 64 yrs old and looking forward to travel to UK after covid to meet everyone Picture

Abdul Aziz Said 4 May 2020 Wasihington DC. passed away after 10 day illness Covid

Amiralli Virmani married to Sakinabai and son of Mohmed amd Naminabai. Daughters Sigufta, Shama and Tapu and sons Abdul, Zahid Picture

Jillubai Virmani wife of Kassam Virmani of Carlisle, PA passed away after falling and complications 8th Jan 2017. bprn July 2 1932. Father was Ahmed Juma from Gujrat, India and mother Havamasi Virmani.burried at Mosque of North Middleton Township. Picture

Sakur bai husband of xxxx, son Yousef and daughter Aznita, passed away and is buried in Carlisle Picture

Yousef Babu son of  Sakur bai,passed awayin Oklaoma City Picture

Hamidabai JAFFER AHMED passed away today in Spartanburg, South Carolina. 31/5/2013 She was the Sister of Abdul Kader, Wahab, Zebun, Razia and Sister in Law of Abdul Shakoor Tamachi.

Mrs. Sharifabai Ebrahim Jaffer, the wife of Haji Ebrahim Jaffermiya of Blackburn England passed away 7 feb 2004. In Uganda they lived in Luwero, Iganga and Jinja. She sufferd a stroke a week ago and had been in a coma. Her funeral was  in Blackburn on Sunday afternoon. Please pray for Allah to forgive her and please pray for her family and pray for ourselves. Her oldest son Abdul Ghani of Hounslow, daughter Khati, Sons Amin, Jaffer and /

Mr. Yusuf Ibrahim Moosa passed away in Harrisburg, PA USA on January 5th 2004. He passed away in the evening on Monday and funeral was next day. He is survived by his wife Aminabai, sons Abdul Basit and Mohshin and daughter Tarnum and 3 grandchildren and 7 nephews, sons of his late brother Mohamed Sidik Moosa. He was a very good man and always laughing and happy and taking care of his grandchildren. He was buried in the same cemetary as his father,mother and brother. He will be missed by all who were close to him and all who knew him as the famous "Cha Cha". Photo

Hajiani Dadibai Ismailmiya Bhegani wife of Late Ismailmiya Amumiya Bhegani passed away in Houston,Texas, USA on July 18th 2001 surrounded by her family at the grand age of 100. She was the oldest living person in our community in U.S.A. and Europe. She was buried in Houston, Texas. She was born in India 1901 and came to Uganda around 1916 and the family was settled in Kaberamaido in Teso District. She left Uganda in 1972 at the time of the exodus and went to U.K. and moved to U.S.A. in 1997 to live with her son Gulam Kader Ismailmiya Bhegani and family in Houston. Her other son Abdul Hamid Ismailmiya lives in London as does daughter Mrs. Zainab Adam Mohamed. Another daughter Mrs. Rukiyabai Sidik Moosa lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her family. She had 15 grand children and 16 Great Grand children.

Hanifabai Virmani (Hanifa Suleman) passed away on 27 Nov 2000, the age of 71. She was born in  Uganda on 7 May 1929. She was married to Ahmed Juma in Uganda on the xxx and they had three more children, Rhemet, Farida and Asat. She passed away  peacefully in her sleep in Waldorf, MD. She was known as Dadi to her grandchildren and Wadima (big mother) to the children of the family of Aziz Said with whom she stayed a long time in the USA. She loved music and films and was ahappy and easy-going person. She made friends with everyone, especially children. She is buried in the cemetery near Harrisburg. Grantville exit 80 . Photo

Hajaini Zubeda Bai Virmani Born June 1938 India. Passed away Feb 1991 USA. She is buried in the cemetery near Harrisburg

Haji Kassam Virmani was born in Uganda on the 15th July 1927. He was married to Julubbai and had one daughter, Kammersultana. They lived in Masaka and he was a shopkeeper. He was stateless in 1972 and with his family traveled to USA. Initially he was in Robesonia, Reading near Lancaster in Pennsylvania. and worked as a general hand in the hospital. Later in his life he developed kidney trouble which eventually affected his heart and took him from us on December 7 1990. He is buried in the cemetery near Harrisburg, Grantville. Photo

Mohamed Sidikbha Moosa.  Sidiqbhai of Harrisburg, PA passed away in 2000. Late Husband of Rukiyabai and father of Rizwan, Raoof, Munaf, Nazir, Matin, Inayat and Navid. He is buried in the cemetery near Harrisburg, Grantville. Photo

Jenabai Moosa 1926 - 1982 at Gratville cemetary.

Julbai Kaders mum wife of Jaffer bai xxxxx had shopnest toHassan mamas in Mokoko Photo

Mohmed Virmani brother of Kassam Virmani, sons of ----- passed away in Chicago, IL in ----. He was a successful shopkeeper and businessman in Lukaya, Uganda. He was married to Naminabai Arab (daughter of Shamohmed and xxx) and had a son and daughter, Amiralli and Marunisa. He got married again to Amnabai of Karachi, Pakistan (daughter of xxxx) and had Akbar, Bintu, Kulsum, Nizam, Bintu, Kulsum and Hafiza. Photo

Hajaini Khatabai Virmani wife of A S Virmani was born on the 1st July 1900 in India and passed on Friday June 14 th 1985. Photo


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