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My name is Nalin Desai & currently I reside in Hillsborough, NJ, USA. I grew up in Kampala from 1947 thru 1964. Did my senior high school graduation from Kololo High School. I did stay in Toronto Canada for 15 years & had a privilege to talk to our Headmaster (when I was Kololo Student) Mr. D.J.Rawal in Toronto. I would love to hear from any of my classmates (Class of 1960-1964). Our family was in Kampala for long time. Dad's name Kikubhai Desai, was operating Desai & Co next door to Bombay Co. Uncle Dolatbhai was GM at R.O.Hamilton Co & Kampala DP councilman. Please help.  Look forward to positive response 

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Regards, Indira



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