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Subject: The State Of Britain January 18 1997



I'm British. I was born in Harrow and I'm proud of my country. I might have even joined your party were it not for the fact that my ancestoral heritage is in India and the colour of my skin is brown. I am proud of the United Kingdom and would fight for queen and country with all my heart.

I think your major policy for repatriation for all "non-whites" in the UK is misinformed. There are many Europeans residing in this country whose culture and heritage is more distant to the British than my culture. The British ruled over India for 200 years and it is an inescapable fact of life that parts of the Indian culture have inevitably become part of the British culture and vice versa. I am intrigued by the comments I've read on your pages, comments especially regarding the "dumping" of Ugandan Asians on this country 25 years ago.


The Ugandan Asian community, albeit small, approximately 70,000 when they first came arrived with nothing. They built up businesses with sheer hard work and they now on average are wealthier than native whites and hence pay more taxes and create more jobs and revenue for the UK.

Your policy of repatriation is therefore not desirable as if you repatriated Ugandan or indeed other Asians the net effect on the economy would be immense as our community pay more taxes than we claim, we create thousands of jobs for native whites and generate billions of pounds of national income from contacts throughout the Indian sub-continent and Africa.

I hope I have appealed to your common sense. You at the BNP seem to be very clever politicians. You are creating an interesting racial debate which I admit needs to be debated. We as the British community of Asian heritage are enlightening you with the facts.

I understand the need for native whites to be proud of their heritage and you should be rightly so. However, to desire to go back in time is not beneficial as you must surely understand the world is a much smaller, internationally oriented place nowadays. To repatriate "non-whites" would be disastrous as this would amount to ethnic cleansing, a policy that another white nationalist Adolph Hitler pusued so disastrously in the 1930's.

In reply to comments about anti-white racism, I admit this is evident. However, anti-coloured racism is more widespread and ritual beatings of Asians by whites commonplace up and down the country. The actions in retaliation although not condoned are just that, retaliation, not provocation.

Editors' comment: We would call this letter splendidly disingenous if it were not for the fact that most among the ethnic groups - we hesitate to say 'ethnic minorities' in view of what is happening - are blissfully unaware of what British people really think. The media sees to that.

Without any democratic mandate our cities are being taken over, and our culture dismantled to suit the demands of immigrants. Every year the number gets bigger. The bit about Hitler is pretty rich. It is us whites who are being ethnically cleansed. The bit about attacks on whites merely being innocent 'retaliation' is pretty rich too. We are sure that the family of the white teenager Richard Everitt, murdered by an Asian gang out to kill anyone they met who was white, will be delighted to know that he died purely as retaliation. Even more splendidly disingenuous is the marvellous future on offer - we whites end up in a country owned by Asian entrepreneurs for whom we are lucky to work. Actually Asians generally employ Asians, and most immigrants are not entrepreneurs anyway. It also appears that we whites are so dim that we could never organise much business for ourselves without Asian help. Funny how we made the Industrial Revolution!

Let's try sending millions of whites to India, and repeating what is happening to Britain the other way round. This correspondent can then move back to India, and repeat his arguments, telling fellow Indians how marvellous it all is and how they should be pleased! We don't think they'll agree!


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