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Bhegani family site

GOANS IN THE U.K. HIDDEN among the Asian ethnic minorities living in the U.K. there is a small group of some twenty-five thousand Goans who emigrated mostly from East Africa over thirty years ago.

Information on the Bangladeshi and Asian community in UK.

They Came to Canada site not loading !! - In early August, 22 years ago, the ruthless Ida Amin, then ruler of Uganda took a cruel and heartless step. He gave all Asians living in Uganda 90 days to leave the country most of them had called home for generations. Some 80,000 people found themselves stateless. "At first we thought it was a joke," says Zia Haque, ...


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Cultural Societies

The Drum (20/2/1998) The Drum is Birmingham's newest arts centre dedicated to promoting African, Asian and Caribbean art and cultural activities. PANDEMONIUM - Rochdale Samba School # Multi Asian Arts Centre, 129 Drake Street, Rochdale. OL16 1PZ Registered charity number: 1037518 Asian Weddings, Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine

East African Alumni in the Toronto Area contact: Zahir Dhalla 416-492-6649 approx: 200 members


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East Africa - Kenyan Community  My Great Grandfather Immigrated to Kenya in 1854 from India.   Brief History Of Indians In Kenya Indians of East Africa By Rudy Brueggemann Sikhs in Kenya.






NAMASKAR-AFRICANA-L A good news group dedicated to the Asia Disapora. To join or leave:Send your request to:

To search the archives for past postings visit the web site at: New Group - Please Join Now'
To subscribe : Invite your friends and family  to join Sikh-Diaspora

Humouristic sites

Welcome to Atlanta Remix.....This is funny Will Need Sound. "Couple of South Indian Mallus" This is what you call REAL FOB !!!


Historical sites

Moving Here The vision of Moving Here is to celebrate, explore and record Caribbean, South Asian, Eastern European Jewish and Irish peoples' experience of migration to England. You will be able to access original material including archives, photographs, personal papers, government documents, art objects, sound and video from 1860's to the present day. Moving Here will provide learning resources to enable you to successfully access records and develop skills for further personal research. Moving Here seeks to collect and share peoples' personal experiences of migration. If you would like your story to be included, it is possible to contribute it at Moving Here also has a space for the inclusion of community projects for example oral history projects, reminiscences, community exhibitions.




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