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Certain ex-colonialists (racists), oil, weapons and mineral companies and others with their own agenda would like to destroy certain individuals or groups who interfere with their exploitation of the situations in their own countries, neighbors or poor in the third world. Speak out against these racist actions and prevent further injustices against the peoples of this world. Use whatever peaceful way to resist injustice, remember terrorism and acts of violence against the innocent only leads to more violence and tragedy and rarely if ever resolves the roots of a problem. The non-violent fight against injustice, racism and apathy by the likes of Mohandas Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are good examples to follow.


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House Rep and Senators to impress upon the Bush administration to end human rights abuse in Palestine and sanctions against the oppressed worldwide and the exploitation of the poor of this world:


Sample Letter that you can send to your representative


How to Send a Press Release


For American Muslims and Muslims World-wide against terrorism 



The following letter has been prepared to urge your representative to do what you have elected him or her in their position to do for you. This can be sent as is, or suitably modified, as e-mail.

The whole operation should take only a few minutes of your time.

 This is the procedure:

Type your zip code in the box under 'Elected Officials'. Click: "GO"

You get the pictures of the President, your two Senators and you House Rep.

Each of the photographs have below them an e-mail button. Click the e-mail button of your first Senator. The rest is mainly a copying and pasting job. If you would like to make changes to the text of the letter, you can do so. You will have to provide your personal details and exercise a few options before pressing 'Send Message'.

As soon as you finish sending e-mail to the first Senator, press the back button (twice) and then follow the same procedure to send e-mail to your second Senator. Again, press back button (twice) to get to your House Rep and follow the same procedure.

IMPORTANT: As soon as you are done with, PLEASE RELAY THIS MESSAGE to all your friends and relations resident in the US.


As your constituent, I would be gratified if the US House of Representatives and the Senate would take into account the suffering and human loss of life in various parts of the world due to sanctions and bombings and other actions taken against them by our government. Most individual Americans, myself included, are in disagreement with these actions which are only negative, creating a vicious cycle of hate and violence against peoples who have not personally harmed me or the any American for that matter. Most Americans would rather prefer to organize relief and provide aid to the hapless victims, and urging greater assistance to mitigate the sufferings of the affected people, thereby clearly demonstrating their feelings of goodwill to all humanity (irrespective of whether they are christian, jew, hindu, buddhist or muslim, white, brown or black  etc). I would therefore be very happy to see the some positive support since many American citizens have family in the affected areas.

Hope you will act upon this expeditiously.

With respectful regards,




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