There are a number of local, national and International organizations which are dedicated towards improving our world. These organizations are supported by all of us directly or indirectly and we should not only help and support these organizations but make sure that they function as they are supposed to.

The organistations that you should control and make sure they are working for you are the United Nations, World Health Organization and UNICEF. The others that already have a good reputation - Red Crescent (Red Cross), Amnesty International,  GreenPeace, FAO,  WWF and Doctors without Frontiers. 

You will find links to these organizations and a number of other useful sites here.

There in addition a number of Anti-Racist Organisations:      INTERNATIONAL ANTIFASCIST UNITY    SHUT DOWN THE PEDDLERS OF HATE   Artists against Racism

NAACP Website  The Commission for Racial Equality works in partnership with individuals and organisations for a fair and just society

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights web page. LCCR is a coalition of civil rights and human rights groups coordinated and organized to fight racism and fight for justice in the United States.

Racial Respect

World Against Racism Memorial

The Racism Free Zone Concept

Siti Italiani Stranieri a Rovereto: fra speranze e umilazioni. Le testimonianze degli stranieri che frequentano i corsi di italiano.   Sessanta anni fa, con l'avvento dei fascismi e del nazismo, si abbatterono sull'Europa quei tragici e funesti eventi che, oltre a minare le democrazie, significarono lo sterminio dei Rom e dei Sinti e lo sterminio del popolo ebraico see also the list of Italian personalities in fovor of racissm   PRIMO CENSIMENTO DI RAZZISTI XENA Ŕ un'associazione che promuove gli incontri e gli scambi culturali, la formazione e la crescita personale, facendo delle diversitÓ una ricchezza. (XENA is an association that promotes cultural meetings and exchanges, vocational training experiences and the personal growth, making of diversity a richness).


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