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Kutchi language is a comparable to Sindhi. It is a mixture of Sindhi, Gujarati & Punjabi & Rajasthani. Kutch language has its own script known as Khojaki (of Khojas) script but it is no more being used. Kutch language was very nearly a kin to Prakrit but has survived only as a spoken language. Now Kutchi is written in Gujarati. http://www.kutchikadwapatidar.com/culture/perfect_kutchi_sections/language.htm

Kutch Related Information Sites

The site of our people "PAANJAMADU" means "Our People" the Kutchi people.
PanjoKutch : A web site for Kutch and Kutchis. video

Kololians site: Lost Friends - they also provide a facility to look for lost friends& if you are looking for someone, send them their names & it will be sent out on their newsletter: http://www.totallyafrican.com/Kololian/Forms/Kololian_CommunitySubmissionFoundFriend.htm

East Africa related family album sites

http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/EastAfricanAsianDiaspora/  This is the group devoted to the asians from East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania etc) who are now spread all over the world but who want to maintain a contact with their roots

"Virmani Family in UK, USA, Uganda and world". The link below will take you to the web site: http://www.tribalpages.com/tribes/ash99

Bhegani family site www.bhegani.com



Ashraf holding Rahim on trip back from Murchison Falls, Uganda Late 60s

Other images Manchester 2004